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Chronicles of Cheryl

Dune Pearl Stitch Marker Set of 3

Dune Pearl Stitch Marker Set of 3

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Introducing our exquisite set of 3 stitch markers, each meticulously crafted to enhance your knitting experience. Designed with a 6mm and 10mm diameter, these markers effortlessly glide over your needles, making them perfect for a variety of knitting projects. Ideal for knitters of all skill levels, these markers keep your knitting rhythm uninterrupted and your progress on track. By choosing our stitch markers, you’re not only elevating your crafting experience but also supporting a small business dedicated to providing unique notions for your crafting journey. Shop small and add a thoughtful, indispensable accessory to your knitting journey today!

Introducing our "Fibers of Dune" yarn and stitch marker collection, inspired by Frank Herbert's epic. Hand-dyed yarns in hues of golden sands, spice-laden rust, and vivid blues evoke Arrakis' essence. Paired with Dune-themed stitch markers, our yarn offers unparalleled softness and durability. 

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