How I Keep Track of My Personal Knitting Projects

How I Keep Track of My Personal Knitting Projects

As I've gotten more and more into knitting, I've found that my list of projects I want to complete keeps growing! From patterns I want to design, to clothing I want to knit for myself, to gifts for my loved ones, there's an overwhelming amount of knitting I want to work on at any given time. 

My first clothing item I ever made for myself!  

If you're anything like me, you may identify strongly with these personality traits: 

  • You have a long list of projects you want to make, and it keeps growing 
  • You forget how many different WIPS you are working on at any moment 
  • You have different projects for different spaces 
    • Large home project- a blanket, dress, or thick sweater that is too unwieldy to move from either the couch or bed 
    • Beanie patterns - a couple of beanies you're designing that just doesn't quite fit right yet 
    • Small projects - repetitive pattern shawls or beanies to take to crafting parties 
    • Work sock - fingering weight sock to have in my work bag in case of knitting emergency

Zelda investigates my first knit sock... 

  • You get excited about new patterns or project possibilities but aren't 100% sure you will make it 
  • You make lots of minor changes to written patterns to suit your fit, style, and more 
  • Other fiber artists are always asking you what yarn you are knitting with or wearing 
  • You prefer to use Ravelry to track pattern designs and admire designers, rather than actual projects 

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      I love working on projects at a coffee shop, where I drink tea :) 

      If even half of these speak to you, I promise that having a specific project tracker helps me work through my personal project list. I created myself a simple Google Sheet to help me keep track of my knitting goals! My project tracker helps me instantly know: 

      • what project I'm making 
      • what yarn I'm using 
      • what colorway I'm using 
      • the total cost of the project 
      • any modifications I've made 

      For example, if I were making a Swirlpool Beanie in Chronicles of Cheryl Super Bulky yarn, this is what I would include in my project tracker about the pattern and designer: 

      I like to include specifics about the yarn I am using, including the brand, name, weight, and colorway. This way, I can either compare this information with the yarn intended by the pattern designer, share this with other fiber artists, or make the same pattern again. 

      I also include the number of skeins I used, and any modifications I made in the notes section. Often, this includes adding or removing stitches from different sections of patterns for better fit, dye instructions for specific colorways I hand-dyed myself, or care instructions. 

      My most recent completed project, a Sophie Shawl for my best friend to celebrate her upcoming wedding! 


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